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We show the benefits of Local America in three different areas: housing, health and education. The video above is a short example of Local America’s data collection and visualization tools. What do you think? 

TechStars NYC

Last night, just 7 hours before the application was due, we successfully submitted our application to TechStars New York. If you dont know what TechStars is, here is a short clip and their website.

TechStars is a seed accelerator program that accepts early stage tech startups. It is a 90 day program that takes place this winter up in New York with some of the most amazing mentors in the industry. 

We would be more then honored to be accepted, but to be honest, we know its extremely competitive because of the talent that they attract. According to David Tisch’s tweet today, there is a 1.7% chance of being accepted because 579 companies applied. However, our talent and systems architect are second to none. We are confident that our personalities and team mentality is a perfect match to a program thats motto is “Do More Faster” - Exciting times ahead!

We have assembled the perfect team, a strong business concept, and most importantly passion for the product. Now what we need is support, advice, and to prototype, prototype, prototype! We very much look forward to the potential opportunity (even if it is a longshot) of bringing our 3 full time staff members up to New York to do more faster as we bring our product to market while having the times of our lives!

Survey Results are In!

Our survey results are in! Thank you all for those who participated in our Survey Monkey. With over 125 participants, the responses lead us to some compelling results. The crowd is interested in the some of the major categories like the economy, education, housing, health and wellness, but also wants to know about the environment, where taxes are being allocated, local businesses impact, local events, and volunteer opportunities. In addition, our findings show we continue to use traditional streams of media such as the local section of a newspaper or the evening news for local content. 

For those of you who have gotten rid of your TV’s and unsubscribed to your paper, we are going to provide a more dynamic customizable solution for you! If you have any questions about our survey, shoot us a note,, and we would be happy to share our findings with you!

P.S. Shout out to Pete over at Open Heat Map for helping us create our map, he does great work! 

Quick New York City Trip

On our recent trip up to New York, Richard and myself (Brad) were generously invited to the Boxee Box launch event, picture below, at Irving Plaza. ( Thank you Boxee!! ) We decided to make the most of the trip and set up some meetings with folks who have been down the startup road before. Every day we learn more about this mad adventure and get more excited about building out our company, Local America.

We started our day down the meat packing district to meet with Challenge Post. Brandon shared his insights with us as he brought Challenge Post to market in 2008 and continues to build and grow the company. He provided some insightful feedback to us as first time entrepreneurs and was generous enough to talk us through some basic strategic moves on how we should position ourselves moving forward.

Next meeting was with James Summerfield, founder of Flint NY. James is building Flint from the groudup and works with clients like Unigo amongst others to develop brand strategy. There is no better way to describe this meeting then it was very real and provided a good test for Richard and I to see how we performed. James grilled us with some tough questions about revenue, path to customers, development strategy and exactly how we are going to pull this off. We didn’t have all the answers, but we had enough to hold our own, and that’s all part of the fun. Quote of the day was from James “if you walk out of an investor meeting and you feel you have been raped, that was a good meeting!” We will let you know if this turns out to be true….

One thing about New York is that you never know what is going to happen. On our way to the Boxee launch event, we ran into Adam Sachs, founder of Ignighter. Adam graduated from TechStars with Ignighter and continues to build and run a successful dating site. To say the least he got us very excited about the idea of TechStars. We are currently exploring the idea of applying :)

Startups, data and bbq!

A few members of the Local America team attended the DataBBQ last night and had a blast! The commute was an easy one, as we share office space with Insomniac Design and Insomniac hosted the event. It was a packed house, full of all types with interest and expertise ranging from open data to health policies to Army apps - yes you heard me right, Army apps (a project put together by our friends at iStrategyLabs). It was good food and good conversation late into the night. The highlight was the lightning pitches - 30 seconds to pitch your idea to the crowd! Big thanks to Insomniac and to our friends at the World Bank who put it all together, Richard, Alexis and Kaushal!

Data BBQ 2.0

This Monday Local America is going to attend the 2nd Data BBQ @ Insomniac Design. We have very close ties to DC¹s Data BBQ because some of us are the founders! So what exactly is out Data BBQ? Its quite simple and fun - its a gathering of professionals who work with or around data. We come together to chat about what we are working on and more importantly what we would like to work on and see in the future :) Our first BBQ hosted over 100 guests on a beautiful summer afternoon. This Monday we are going to host the BBQ around a happy hour setting from 6:30-9pm.

Data BBQ 2.0 is centered around the mHealth Summit that is taking place just around the corner. Some topics we plan to discuss are how the Health 2.0 Developers Challenge are bringing the Health 2.0 Community together to develop Apps around government data and privately contributed health data. However the focus will not be solely on Health, we will discuss all walks of life around data ­ Government, Finance, Non-Profit, Enviroment and so on, if you have any questions shoot a note.


* Rain or Shine? Yes, there’s a fantastic space inside for fun activities, and we can’t drink all the beer on our own (or can we…)

* Cost? Free (Thanks Insomniac Design, Richard, Kaushal, Peter, Brad and Alexis) * Entry exam? Bring along your Thesis dissertation or as a backup very good mathematical joke to share…

* Bring guests? Sure, IF they RSVP and if they follow the Entry Exam requirements ;)

* Attire? Whatever you wore to the Sanity/Fear rally.

* Bring anything? Brain power, business cards Come Join us!!

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